Praise for ‘How to Bury the Undead’

Now available in paperback & on Kindle!

“If you want to know how to vanquish a vampire, (How to Bury the Undead) is the read for you. The author has been meticulous regarding details of places such as the cemetery and surrounding environs. You feel as if you are there looking around for ghosts, spirits, vampires and anything else that might make you uneasy. And yes there are humans to be reckoned with. However, this is not the whole story. There are other themes woven throughout the book which are not immediately obvious. Pay close attention, reader. There are many things to be discovered here.”
David Brown,
science teacher, retired

“This was an incredible book! Fantastic mystery that includes witches, ghosts, and vampires. The author kept me intrigued, and I was captivated at every twist and turn. She painted the scene so skillfully, that I felt I was right alongside the main character. The story included just the right blend of humor with “biting-your-nails” action. A must read!”
Maya Geisler,

“A great fun read! “How to Bury the Undead” is a colorful, twisting, turning story that you will thoroughly enjoy!”
Kevin Mashburn,
bar manager

“A well-written and fun read! Hard to put down!”
Cherie Schmid,

“Magical elements add to the depth of powerful characters, and JJ Brown creates a paranormal world where ghosts and vampires are believable residents in Sleepy Eye Cove, California. A strong, female, first-person narrator guides the reader back and forth in time as revealing details shape the story. Action-packed suspense and mystery kept me reading into the night!”
Tamara Miller Davis,
author of Despite the Buzz

“This is fun. Well-realized setting, intriguing mystery–and there’s more to come!”
Judith Tarr,
author of Throne of Isis and The Hound & the Falcon Trilogy

“(How To Bury the Undeadis a delightfully dark tale woven together around Cadence Galloway, who works as a caretaker of the Sandover Cemetery near Sleep Eye Cove, California while trying to unravel a clerical error surrounding her birth. With her ability to cast spells and talk to ghosts, Cadence finds herself drawn into the mystery of what – or who – destroyed the pulpit in a nearby church. The mystery of the vandalized pulpit becomes interwoven with that of a forgotten house and all of it is woven into the mystery of Cadence’s identity. It all comes together in a book full of fantastic characters, prose that is warm, accessible and hard to put down.
Phoebe Ozuna,

“A deliciously dark paranormal mystery within a mystery, filled with memorable characters and fine prose. Highly recommended.”
Jeanne Kalogridis,
author of The Orphan of Florence and Covenant of the Vampire

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