Praise for ‘Secrets & Howls’

Available in print and on Kindle.

“This is a wonderful book full of surprises and suspense…..After about 10 pages it became difficult  to put this novel down….There is action and suspense and even an amazing surprise ending that was totally unexpected.
David Stewart, Citizens Journal Ventura County

“It is extremely well written with an amazing richness of characters and activities as Marty Brye tries to come to terms with her family, her town and the various strands of the goings on surrounding the building of the new housing development. The description of the town is wonderful and although this book packs a lot in under 300 pages, it is impossible to stop reading it.”
Phoebe O., poet

“Secrets and Howls is a fast paced book that is hard to put down. The plot is an intricate combination of the past (told through journals) and 1978 Northern California.”
Judy O., English teacher

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